Burglary and Housebreaking Policy

A Burglary and Housebreaking insurance policy provides coverage for losses or damages to insured property resulting from theft or burglary. The scope of coverage includes the following aspects:

Burglary: This covers losses resulting from the theft of property by forcible entry into a building, either when it's occupied or unoccupied. Forceful entry includes breaking doors, windows, or any other means used to gain unauthorized access.

 Housebreaking: Similar to burglary, housebreaking coverage extends to losses resulting from theft by forcible entry, but it may also cover theft without the use of force, such as when a thief gains access to the premises through deceit or using a duplicate key.

 Attempted Burglary or Housebreaking: Coverage may extend to losses incurred during unsuccessful attempts of burglary or housebreaking, provided there is evidence of an attempted break-in.

 Damage to Property: The policy typically covers damages to the insured property caused by the burglary or housebreaking, such as broken doors, windows, or other structures.

 Theft of Contents: Coverage includes the loss of contents within the premises, including valuable items like electronics, jewellery, and other personal belongings.

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