Electronic Equipment Insurance

This class of insurance indemnifies against any damage to or loss of insured computer and related equipment consequent upon any cause other than those specifically excluded from the policy.

This policy covers loss or damage to Computers and other Electronic Equipment from causes such as Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Burglary, Theft, Water damage and other accidental causes.

The policy may be extended to cover cost or reinstalling lost data, income loss or increased cost of working due to business interruption resulting from damage to the computer or electronic equipment.

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The scope of cover included:
  • Material damage to the equipment
  • Information stored thereon
  • Additional expenditure incurred in the use of substitute EDP

Equipment not covered with the policy up to the agreed indemnification per day.

The insured however has free hand to choose from the three area of coverage under the policy while the policy could also be extended to provide cover for damage occasioned by riot and strike.

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